Cabbage Soup Diet. Gassy Side Effects.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a short term weight loss plan which claims to enable dieters to lose as much as 10 pounds in 7 days. While on this diet, you may eat as much cabbage soup as you desire, along with whatever other foods are allowed on a specific day. Other foods may include fruit only, vegetables only or tomatoes and beef only. It is advisable not to stay on this diet longer than 7 days as this plan tends to restrict your calorie intake. If you want to shed a couple more pounds, you will need to wait awhile before you begin a subsequent week on this super-low calorie diet plan.

How does the cabbage soup diet Works

There isn’t a single Cabbage Soup Diet as multiple versions of this weight loss plan have been circulating amongst dieters for years now. How this diet works is that the weight you lose is from water and not from fat. What this means is that any weight that you lose can easily pile back on, in the event that you return to your previous eating habits. Because of the dramatic restrictions on your calorie intake, it may prove challenging to endure this diet plan.


There are a few benefits of going on the Cabbage Soup diet. For instance, this diet plan promises dieters that they will lose 10 pounds in a week. Another benefit of this plan is that it promises all you can eat, just as long as you stick to the small list of foods that you are allowed to have on alternate days, along with 2 bowls of fat-free cabbage soup every day. If you do not particularly enjoy recommendations regarding exercise, behavioral tips or advice on changing your bad dietary and lifestyle habits, then you will love this diet plan which contains none of the above.

Side Effects

One side effect you can expect to experience from going on the Cabbage Soup Diet is starvation. Without the healthy fats and complex carbs that contain fiber which leaves you feeling full, you will feel hungry. This severe restriction of your calorie intake will also result in a drop of your energy levels leaving you feeling fatigued. Flatulence is also likely to occur due to your intake of vegetables such as broccoli which cause gas and leave you feeling bloated. You may also want to urinate more frequently than you normally do. This is as a result of consuming a lot of soup and drinking lots of water. Other minor side effects resulting from this plan include lightheadedness and moodiness.

Who Should Avoid This Diet?

It is advisable to check with your doctor first before embarking on the Cabbage Soup Diet. This is because this diet plan has reportedly left some dieters feeling lightheaded while on it. If the idea of being too gassy in public terrifies you, then steer clear of this diet plan as the vast amounts of cabbage soup you consume are likely to result in lots of gas.

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