Calorie Calculator. How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day?

Since its very difficult to sum everything up, as explained on the article about how many calories do we need to lose weight? , we came up with a basic calorie calculator  that shows you the estimate value of your daily caloric intake that can help a lot  when you are wondering how many calories should i eat a day?, Lets find out:



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Now that you know the results, its time to do some homework regarding the foods you eat. For this we came up with the praiseworthy Mike’s Calorie And Fat Gram Chart For 1000 Foods  so you can easily tell which food can make you fatter and which ones are worth eating a ton. If you want a more accurate formula for calculating your calories needs in order to lose weight fast, check the article How Many Calories To Lose Weight? Food And Exercises Calorie Counting.



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