Dukan Diet. Fast Results, Preferred By Celebrities.

Claimed to have aided over 5 million people in France in losing weight, the Dukan Diet is currently making waves around the world. Created over 10 years ago by Pierre Dukan, a French physician, this weight loss diet  preferred among celebrities and famous people like Princess Kate Middleton was originally designed to provide treatment for obesity. It comprises of a 4-phase, low-calorie, high-protein diet plan which eliminates the need of weighing food or counting calories. Protein is the main ingredient in all phases of the diet, along with a lot of water, oat bran and a daily walk lasting 20 minutes. During the second phase, you are allowed to consume vegetables and small quantities of whole grains and fruit. If you have ever tried the Atkins diet, then all the above should ring a bell. Lets find out why celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, and Supermodel Gisele Bundchen choose this strict regime to keep a liner figure.

How it Works

Phase 1 of the Dukan Diet is the Attack Phase which lasts 1-10 days, rapid weight loss is promoted and within 5 days, you can expect to have shed 7 pounds. Phase 2 or the Cruise phase may last a couple of months, depending on how much weight you need to shed. The Consolidation phase is the third phase which is important as it is the period between weight loss and maintenance, when the diet plan eases. However, no weight loss occurs here as your body is actually more vulnerable to piling the pounds back on. To avoid this, simply stay in this phase 5 days for each pound you have shed. Phase 4, better known as Stabilization is the lifelong phase which involves keeping the weight permanently off via a weekly all protein day, oat bran and exercise.


One of the main benefits of the Dukan Diet is the fact that you get to eat as much as you want at any time of the day – just as long as you are initially feeding on lean protein alone. The good news is that you get to lose weight very fast, which is very motivating to a dieter. In fact, during the first phase, you may lose as much as 2 pounds each day. After the third day, you should expect the hunger you feel to have dissipated.

Side Effects

There are certain side effects that you are likely to experience from getting on the Dukan Diet. These arise due to the fact that in the absence of carbohydrates, the body turns to burning fat in a process known as ketosis. Although this is great for your weight loss efforts, it also results in the production of ketones which may cause bad breath, weakness, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and dry mouth. These are typical occurrences for high-protein, low-carb diets and are similar to the side effects experienced by those who have been on the Atkins diet.

Who Should Not Try the Dukan Diet?

It is advisable to consult your health practitioner before embarking on the Dukan Diet. This is because there are many diseases such as kidney disorders or high cholesterol that may actually become aggravated when you begin this diet. In fact, if your protein sources are mainly selected from eggs and red meat, this could result in an increase in your cholesterol levels.

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